Tania ~ Supermodel Superhero Contest Winner

Tania, winner of Some Like It Shot SuperHero contest in celebration for SLISP reaching 3000 Facebook fans, won a Superhero artwork photo shoot with a bubbly noir portrait twist. Tania started the night using her super powers to save a burning plane that was falling from the sky.

Upon the flight crew’s safe return, we photographed Tania tangling with San Diego’s sinister shadows.

Needing a bubblegum fix we got in our car and took the Coronado Bridge out of the city and into Coronado’s cozy island community. Coronado’s safe small town community has always given me vibes of Mayfield, the fictitious town in the TV show, Leave it to Beaver.

Tania changed into a 50’s style red dress with white polka dots.   Alisha and I photographed her in front of Coronado’s picturesque movie theater, the town clock and park fountain.

Some like to tangle with sinister shadows.

Some like the bubblegum vibes of Mayfield.

Some like it shot.

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