Laurie & Justin Maternity

Some Like It Shot had the pleasure of photographing a maternity session for Laurie and Justin, at an Oceanside beach, on a Friday afternoon.  Clouds were in the sky and the weather was fickle.  A storm was blowing from the east to the west, dropping an occasional raindrop against our windshield, as we drove to the beach. Laurie & Justin weighed the options of rescheduling to a later sunnier date but the idea of their baby girl arriving early was too much of a risk. Instead of running from the storm we decided to play in the rain.

There was a light drizzle at the beach with grey clouds above, but in the West the sun radiated a warm glow as it slowly fell towards the water.

We started the photo shoot, photographing a flower on Laurie’s belly.  As the storm approached and the wind blew, Alisha handed Laurie a blue sarong. Laurie, held the sarong above her head, catching the wind in the blue cloth.

Justin made his way in front of the lens and gave Laurie a kiss.  Taking a knee he kissed his soon to be daughter.   As the sun set Laurie and Justin put their hands over her stomach to feel the movement of their new life.

Some Like flowers on their bellies.

Some Like to catch the wind.

Some Like to feel their new life.

Some Like it Shot.

2 thoughts on “Laurie & Justin Maternity

  1. what a beautiful couple and gorgeous shots of them on the beach!! I am so looking forward to seeing that little baby girl!! Good Luck Laurie…….i love you and am thinking of you each day!! hugs to all!! Lindy

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