New Born Lila Grace

Baby Lila Grace was born while both Holland and I were out of town, postponing photos for a few days. From the posts we knew we were going to meet one of the cutest baby girls we’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. It was perfect timing though at 10 days old we got to meet baby Lila Grace and hoped we could bring a smile to her face.

The entire house knew it was photo day, the dogs were just as excited as Lila’s moms and grandma. We were stunned by the house’s transformation since we were there last, the New nursery was fantastic! The sun filtered into the room creating a warm loving atmosphere for Lila.

Grandma arrived excited to present Lila Grace’s hand made christening gown adorned with an embroidered quail family on the front. What was really unique were the handmade embroidered lace bottom with the letter A hidden within. She had some room left to grow into the dress but it was perfect for a couple photos.

Baby Lila just started getting into the habit of staying awake during the day :) Its much like when you ask someone not to smile they just can’t help but smile. Well, Lila Grace wanted to be awake no matter how much we wanted some sleepy photos. Her gorgeous eyes made that a perfectly fine option though.

Keep in mind she is only 10 days old and just look at this little muscle queen!! Already holding herself up as we were taking photos of the many hand made fashion items friends and family had gifted her and her mommies.

Just as strong were her vocal chords! Who knows we may have an opera singer or rock star in our presence….or maybe just a baby girl who exercised herself hungry. Either way, her little gums were as adorable as ever.

They were almost as adorable as her cute little toes.

After a while trying to calm baby Lila, it was agreed that she was about to enter a never ending feeding session for the day. Perhaps nothing would calm her, not snuggles from mom or kisses from grandma. Only ONE thing brought a smile to her face…a photo with her fur sibling Cali. Love indeed.

Some like the furry softness of loving fur siblings

Some like warm loving nurseries to sit with their baby girl

Some Like It Shot

4 thoughts on “New Born Lila Grace

  1. Wow! You MADE that dress? Did you make the lace, too? She is beautiful! I especially like the crying picture…and the last one with the dog…she looks so calm and content. You are blessed! Congratulations!

  2. Yes, my mom made every single thing on the dress, including the lace AND the design for the lace and all embriodery. She is amazing. :)

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