Danielle & Eric’s Engagement Portraits

Eric’s mom had called us just days prior asking if we could squeeze in an engagement session for her son and his fiancé while they were both in town from out of state. Eric was stationed in Alaska with the Army, and Danielle flew in from Pennsylvania. We couldn’t help but remember when we met, back when Holland was in the Army. Fortunately our schedules were clear for a day and we were ready to photograph the love birds! 

It was one of those gorgeous sunny San Diego days and we were set to take photos at one of our favorite places, the beach. We met Eric and Danielle just before sunset, they were easy to spot, as described by his mom ‘a cute young military couple’. After our introductions, we were off to take photos!

We started above taking photos on a couple benches and rocks, snuggling seemed like an easy task for these love birds!

Then we headed down to the beach along the bluffs. At one point I asked for a pose and referred to the movie “Dirty Dancing”, poor Eric was out of the loop wondering what Dirty Dancing was and poor us…we officially felt old! hehe. Thanks Danielle, for saying you knew what we were talking about.

Once the formal photos were done it was play time! Both were willing to play in the water! Have I mentioned how much we love couples who will let loose and have some fun!?

Ummm, did we mention the Pacific is kind of cold? Oops, forgot about that part.

At the end of the night, Danielle quietly said how amazing her first sunset at the beach was … WHAT!?! WE HAD NO IDEA!! Congrats to Danielle for not only surviving a fabulous photoshoot but also for having her very first west coast sunset at the beach photographed.

Some like to play in the sand

Some like to play in the ocean

Some Like It Shot

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