Marissa & Brandon Engagement

On a sunny Sunday, Alisha and I photographed Brandon and Marissa’s engagement session at Torrey Pines.  In order to park, we had to pay $10.00 to the state park…daaang…and be out by 7:00 or the park rangers would lock our vehicle in the parking lot…daaang.

Alisha and I met Marissa first; she said that Brandon would meet us in a bit.  I took a test shot of Marissa standing at the top of the stairs, then viewed it on my viewfinder.

Daaang, that looks good, I thought.

Image by Alisha, Marissa's hair & make-up by

Just then Brandon showed up.

“Hey, Brandon, would you mind getting next to Marissa for a photo?” I asked.

“No, problem he replied.”

Brandon walked up to Marissa, they looked into each other’s eyes and I fired off a shot, then looked at it in my viewfinder.  I thought to myself…daaang…that looks good.

Image by Holland, Marissa's hair & make-up by

We headed down to the beach and photographed the bride and groom to be on the rocks, beneath the cliffs, and on the beach.

Image by Alisha, Marissa's hair & make-up by

At 7:00 we headed out of the parking lot and up to the cliffs for some sunset photos. The last image I took was Brandon dipping Marissa, I showed Alisha the image I took on my viewfinder,

“Daaang, that looks good,” she replied.

Image by Holland, Marissa's hair & make-up by

Some like it on the beach.

Some like it on the cliffs.

Regardless of where your image is taken, Some Like It Shot will get you to say, “Daaang, that looks good.”

Some Like it Shot.

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