Holiday Photos At Orfila Winery

family with dogs and wine barrelsSome Like It Shot had the pleasure of shooting Cinda and Jeff with their faithful labrador companions, Juneau and Ella, at the Orfila Vineyards and Winery.  Inside the winery, barrels were stacked from floor to sealing, one on top of the next.  Outside, the vineyards were repetitious, stretching over the rolling hills.  In the East, an early moon sat high in a crystal blue sky.

In the West, an orange sunburst as it began to set.

Alisha learned that it was Cinda’s Birthday, so we celebrated with wine tasting.  Some people might wonder how old the birthday girl is, we’ll never know…because a lady never tells.

couple toasting after holiday photos

Some like an early moon in the East.

Some like an orange sunburst in the West.

Some like repetitious vineyards.

Some Like It Shot.

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