The Bunny Prince In The Flower Forest

Once upon a time, a four year old named lil Robbie and his parents drove for days and nights (a few hours) to get to the flower forest in San Diego. The moment they arrived he knew it was a magical adventure waiting to happen.

Overwhelmed with excitement Robbie signed in ASL, “Mom, look! It’s the flower forest!”

With Robbie’s imagination on overdrive, he quickly named his Mom and Dad the King & Queen. They were all dressed and ready to don big smiles in front of the big tree and flower fields. Right in the middle of the trail stood The King of Dogs and pink haired “Queen of Hearts”, (Holland and Alisha).  With an urge to break free and run like the wild through the yellow sea of flowers, Robbie could sense the fun he was about to have.

“Do animals live here?” he asked.

“Of course! And insects too, but we will have to look very carefully to see them”, answered the Queen of Hearts.

A second later Robbie spotted a ladybug beneath a pair of butterflies, playing together in front of the big tree. With nature interacting all about, Robbie began to anticipate running through the fields as soon as a few pictures were taken. It wasn’t until The Queen of Hearts grabbed a basket of wonder and held in her hand, that Robbie saw the very thing he had been looking for, magic Bunny Ears!

As the ears were placed like a crown upon his head, Robbie transformed into, the Bunny Prince! Everything was going to be OK in this story after all. He grabbed his fancy sword (which some less imaginative humans call a bug net) and began his way through the flower forest to save the sleeping princess. The Bunny Prince narrated his entire story for us to make sure no detail was missed.

At one point the Queen took him on a flying carpet ride, this was no ordinary picnic blanket – they went all the way to grandma’s house and back within seconds. Dad took the Prince on a flight high above the flowers. The royal family kneeled for smiles to the magic cameras. The Bunny Prince was well aware that the magic cameras could turn smiles into a book, which are kept in the family library.

The normal smiles just wouldn’t do, but the Queen of Hearts had some magic tricks up her sleeves too. “OK Bunny Prince, ready for smiles?” Earlier she heard him saying some spells & she asked him to say one of his favorites “1-2-3, say Stinkyyy” …YES! The spell worked!! An effortless giggle and smile came bubbling from the Bunny Prince as he blurted out the word, “stinkyyyyy.”

The hard part was over, no more spells for smiles, just fun was left. Bubbles, peeps and flowers galore. The sun was almost ready to go behind the hill and the magic would soon wear off. Just then the King & Queen noticed something very interesting… “Look!! The EASTER Bunny left a surprise for the Bunny Prince! He must find all of the magic eggs,” said the Queen. The prince did just that.

The adventure ended as happy as it began. As we left the flower forest, we heard a lion say good bye as we all changed back to our normal selves.

“Can we do it again???” asked Lil Robbie.

His mom answered, “Next year a new adventure awaits”.

Some like saving princesses in the flower forest.

Some like finding magic eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Some Like It Shot. ~Alisha

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