Yellow Flowers {San Diego Family Photography}

Earlier this month, Some Like It Shot photographed a family from Orange County.  Prior to the photo shoot I scouted a location with a trail that runs through a ravine.  I walked down into the ravine, around a bend and found yellow flowers interwoven amongst clovers; these were the yellow flowers we’ve been looking for since February.  With the sun straight above, I called Alisha to tell her I found the yellow flowers,

“Hey, I found the yellow flowers, they’re hiding in a ravine down at the park.”

“What kind are they?” asks Alisha

“Um…dandidilians…something like that.”

Alisha replied with disappointment, “Do you mean dandelions? That won’t work.”

“Well they’re the yellow flowers, they’ll look great for this photoshoot. You’ll see when you get down here.” I briskly stated.

At 3:30 we met with the family and headed down into the ravine.  The sun was now in the west leaving the ravine shaded, the yellow flower petals had closed…so these weren’t the same yellow flowers that were covering the hills and fields last year…hmmm.

“Mother Nature,” I exclaimed under my breath to Alisha, “these aren’t the same flowers as last year.”

Alisha gave me a smile, the kind of smile that only wives give.

Fortunately the green clovers covering the hillsides were lush, I’m talking St. Patrick’s Day lush and everybody knows March is the month for clover pictures.  We worked our way through the ravine shooting both candid and posed pictures.  Emery, the little girl had worked on cupcake smiles and princess smiles prior to the photo shoot with her mom, Jen.  It was paying off; the cupcake smiles were sweet, the princess smiles had a dash of sass.

Working our way out of the ravine we headed towards another batch of yellow flowers I spotted earlier, the petals were still open.  I looked back at Alisha and gave her a smile, the kind of smile that only husbands give, wrinkled brow and all…touché.

We ended the photo shoot with Emery dancing around in the yellow flowers with a yellow umbrella and her Labradoodles jumping around with joy.

Some people like green clovers.

Some people like yellow flowers.

Some Like It Shot.

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    • Thank you Sue! Glad to hear someone is reading them hehehe. Its pretty quite on our new Blogs but we are enjoying writing about our experiences.

  1. I think this is just something new that people have to get used to going to. Once more people take the time to read the blogs, they will realize how much fun and how interesting they are and your mailbox will be overflowing with responses! They just don’t know what they are missing right now!

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