2012 San Diego International Comic Con SDCC

At the bottom of the blog are some photos from 2012.  First enjoy this video of the fun we had at the 2011 SD Comic Con!

For the next 6 months we will have all of our photos in a proofing gallery VIEW GALLERY HERE if anyone would like to order some, or incase you want to see ALL the images we took. Plus you can check our Facebook Fanpage too we’ve been post in images on there and the whole week after we had Giveaway Contests with SDCC goodies for our fans.

We’ve been going to Comic Con for a few years now and each year has its own vibe, this year was no different. We like to separate our days into different activities and this year I decided to dress up for a couple days which definitely added to the variety.

We arrived Wednesday for preview night and did most of our shopping and standing in lines. Thursday we enjoyed taking photos of costumes, and went to a FANTASTIC lecture about Bill Finger! If you are a fan of Batman and especially the original comics you will really appreciate this book, “Bill The Boy Wonder” which is about the man who was the majority original character creator of Batman, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler Two Face and others but did not receive credit until …well its proven that he did it but everyone is still working hard so that he can get credit for his awesome work. Read The Book!  We also enjoyed a lecture about bringing comic books to libraries! Great information, if you work at a school it will get boys involved at the library when apparently the percentage of boys in reading programs is really low compared to girls. Girls enjoy comics too! The rest of the day we wandered around the Exhibitor Hall and looked at Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie art display, took photos with Olivia, and enjoyed the fun characters that Comic Con brings.

Friday was my first day dressing up, I went with friends, professional MU artist Paula Remele Rusconi and professional artist (her husband) Lou. We were the Batman villains Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Evil Croc. Our costumes were all handmade or hand painted and were well received by the crowd. We took hundreds of photos with Comic Con folks and we are really hoping to see some come up online so we can see. Pretty much the entire day was dedicated to sharing our costume with the comic con fans, except when Holland and I decided to donate blood for our 4th Comic Con year in a row! I consider it an obligation to do at least once a year but I, like many, don’t actually enjoy the experience. Needles and me don’t really get along all that well haha. There is a perk though – free goodies thanks to Vampyre Babies & TrueBlood. Great for those give aways and of course to keep for ourselves too. Donating blood and wearing a corset made me pretty tired so we called it a night fairly early.

Saturday was our panels day. We stood in line for hours to see the American Dad, Vampire Diaries and our favorite, True Blood!! I think its sad that there are some people who do nothing but panels but will agree they can be very fun! We were in the nose bleed section but hey, it was still enjoyable. Thanks True Blood for the swag bags!! Afterward Holland came back home to man the WalkAbout table while I stood in line to see the Masquerade! Its one of my favorite parts. I consider it a skit night karaoke talent show with a costume contest as its purpose. As soon as the 2012 video is made you’ll some parts of the Masquerade as well.

Sunday was another dress up day, a little more low key than the first. Plenty of kids are at Comic Con on Sunday so I took photos with kiddos. Also the Batmobile from all the different DC movies were at SDCC this year and since I was Harley Quinn we decided to take photos with the cars outside.

All in all 2012 was another fun year! Sadly they no longer sell presage tickets at Comic Con so I have no idea if I will be able to attend next year. The fate is in the hands of our computer I suppose. Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!

Alisha & Holland, Some Like It Shot Photography

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