We Saw Germany, We Saw France, We Saw Jesus’ Under Pants?

…OK, so really it was Jesus’ loin cloth on display in Vienna, Austria with the Imperial Treasury. Vienna was an amazing city! It was our last destination during our trip to Europe, that started out in Paris, France and my personal favorite Berlin, Germany. We’ll be sharing more photos from the other two cities we visited once we have them ready.

I think the most I gained from Vienna was age, time and history. Everything seemed so old and in such a wonderful way. Personally I struggle with believing things & people existed so long ago until I see things like Roman Ruins and anything dated B.C. pretty much made me speechless. Their buildings built in 1700s were in such great condition even compared to most of the buildings/homes we built in the 1970’s here. The focus on preservation, instead of bulldozing to build newer/cheaper was such a new feeling for me to experience. I do wish that we in the U.S. would try harder to preserve more of our history and historical sites.

Vienna has to be one of the best places in the world for a sweet tooth like myself. We had Apple Strudel, Raspberry Rose Macaroon, Apricot , Mozart Chocolate Balls, and more …dangerous for any diet or budget.

Enjoy some photos below. If you see 2 cute blonde kids in the photos, those are our niece and nephew :)

2 thoughts on “We Saw Germany, We Saw France, We Saw Jesus’ Under Pants?

    • Thank you Sue :) we owe a BIG thank you to the Gutman family for taking us with them to Europe. I have a video I am making with even more fascinating photos & clips. It will be up online this week :)

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