Border Collie Twix Does Tricks {San Diego Pet Photography}

Twix, no, not the chocolate covered caramel candy bar with a cookie crunch.  The Twix I’m talking about has floppy ears, a fluffy tail, is covered in long white and black fur and performs tricks.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, Twix is a dog, a Border Collie to be exact.  Twix is an agility and freestylin’ kinda dog.  Freestyle is dancing to the layman, but Twix has to save his dance moves for another day because this session we’re focusing on agility.

Pam, from Pam’s Dog Academy, hired Some Like it Shot to capture Twix and his many tricks on the agility course.

The first trick, Twix ran through a tunnel.

BANG, Twix was through the tunnel and at Pamela’s side before my shutter closed.

I looked at Alisha, “Did you get that?” I asked.

“Got it,” she glistened with confidence.

“GRRRRRRR,” I grumbled.


“Send him again,” I yelled.

Twix went, BANG and my shutter went CLICK.

Twix is faster than lightning, I looked at my viewfinder to see what I had captured,

“His tail, all I got is his tail.”

I looked up at Alisha, she couldn’t have looked more happy.


“Ready,” I yelled, Pamela sent Twix through the tunnel.

Crack…I got him running out of the tunnel with a big grin on his face.

Throughout the session we photographed Twix weaving through poles, jumping over bars, jumping through a tire ring, teetering on the teeter beam, running over an A frame, and catching Frisbees.

We ended the session with a portrait style photograph of Twix in the country by a white fence.

Some like it crazy, running through tunnels, jumping through tires and doing the teeter-totter.

Some like it calm, relaxing on a beach with an umbrella drink.

Some Like It Shot

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