Boris and Sophie: Boxers at the park

Boris and Sophie: Boxers at the park

Some Like It Shot Photography had the pleasure of photographing Boxers, Boris and Sophie on a late Saturday afternoon.

Boris Boxer headshot

Boris is a young Boxer pup, which means he’s somewhat unpredictable and mischievous.  One minute he might be posing for the camera a second later he’s doing Boxer burnouts all over the place, but to Boxer people, which Boris’s parents most definitely are, it’s the breeds free spirit, excitement for life and rascal like behavior that makes us love them all the more.

Sophie’s an older lady, 12 to be exact.  Her ears are side swept to the left giving her pictures a sense of motion, as if the wind was blowing.  Sophie’s age and ears surround this Boxer beauty with character.  Her once wild eyes have been tamed by age and now reflect tranquility and love.

Some Boxers like to do burnouts.

Some Boxers like to chill-out.

Some Like It Shot.

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