Handsome Homer Kitty

When we are asked to photograph clients of the feline kind there is a level of suspense that comes before hand; ‘which personality will they be?’. Perhaps they will be the curious kind who love the sound of the camera clicking. Maybe they will be unsocial and jet to the nearest black abyss the second we pull in the drive way (it happens). If we’re lucky they’ll be like Homer, affectionate and friendly but with the desire to have just enough distance for the lens to love him.

One of the best kind of feline friends are the lazy lovable kind and Homer definitely enjoyed the attention. Much to his moms’ surprise he was willing to roll around for some adorable poses on the rug.

We made friends as Homer played with his toys, ate some fishy treats until he eventually puttered out and showed us his sleepy side. I left their house with a new kitty friend, hope to see him again!

Some like lounge on the couch

Some like to play with their toys

Some Like It Shot

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