It’s not a dog, it’s Bichon

Some Like It Shot had the pleasure of photographing Lucy, Lily and Hercules at one of our favorite places, Golden Hill Park.  When Alisha and I first started photographing, their personalities immediately stuck out.  Lucy, the big sister, towers over Lily and Hercules striking poses that are both energetic and filled with confidence.

Lily, the little sister, is calm and a tad on the shy side.  She slowly moves around her human parent and looks up at the camera from time to time.

Hercules, like most men, isn’t in to taking pictures, but we got a few shots of him hanging out by some purple flowers and then later wandering about, among the yellow flowers.

During the photo shoot their mom put a pink dress on Lucy and purple dress on lily.  Some people might wonder, “Why would you put a dress on a dog?”

My response,

It’s not a dog, it’s Bichon.

Some like to wander about the yellow flowers.

Some like to wear pink and purples dresses.

Some like it shot.

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