A Walk With Murphy The Great Dane {San Diego Pet Photography}

Some Like It Shot’s Pet Valentine Contest winner, Murphy The Great Dane, is usually seen from different perspectives.  Some see him as giant among dogs, others see him as a small horse.  Regardless of the perspective you use to measure the size of this gentle giant, let it be known that he will weave his way into your heart like dog fur in your favorite sweater; once in, he’s there forever.

Murphy was photographed in sunny San Diego’s South Park community.  The photo shoot wasn’t without fanfare, drivers turned their heads and people walking couldn’t help but say hello.  What can I say, Murphy has a big presence, for all of Murphy’s doggy friends, he left pee-mail on all things vertical to say hello.

Murphy displayed great composure and obedience throughout the photo shoot.  He was given the command to sit and walk.  One thing I hadn’t seen Murphy do is run, Debbie calls Murphy’s sporadic running bouts, “zoomies.”  There was one shot in particular where I wanted Murphy to run towards me,

I asked Debbie,

“Could you have Murphy do a zoomie towards me?  I want to get him running down the hill with the blue sky behind him.”

“Sure,” Debbie replied.

I was laying down and Debby called for him to come, the only thing you could hear was the click of my shutter and galloping paws.



“Click, click, click.”

“Kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk.”



“Wow, wowwww!”

Murphy quickly went into a Scooby-doo shuffle to stop the momentum of his zoomie while running towards me, he did it so well I almost did an unexpected pee-mail of my own.

Murphy stopped in time and my pants stayed dry.

We ended the eventful photo shoot by photographing Murphy in front of my favorite backdrop, sunset and the city of San Diego.

~Some Like It Shot (written by Holland)

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  1. What a fun, descriptive blog! I felt like I was right there with you as I read this. The pictures of Murphy are fantastic. It sounds and looks like you had a great day together!

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