Our PinUp Photography presentation in Sacramento

In March Some Like It Shot gave a presentation at PPSV (Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley) on Pinup Photography.

Excited for a road trip, Alisha and I hit the road with a BANG!  We shot up the 5 North to Sacramento squeezing in a photo pit stop and a bite to eat. Alisha photographed a sea of smelly cattle prior to a stop at KFC out of desperation for food.  As vegetarians it was a gamble to assume they would have some non-meaty sides for us to eat. To our surprise KFC now sells WI fried cheese curds!! If you don’t know what a cheese curd is, it’s a small ball of cheese that is sold and celebrated in Wisconsin. Last fall we experienced the real deal while photographing a wedding near Madison, WI. Sadly, KFC’s curds missed the target, so we trashed the remaining curds and headed to the hotel with our A&W root beer float, which wasn’t quite up to our tastebud’s expectations either.

The day of the presentation we got in our 50s frocks. PPSV treated Alisha and I to dinner where we met with different members of PPSV and found our new favorite cream soda, Sprecher, it’s made with raw honey instead of sugar, crazy! We highly recommend giving it a try IF you can find some near you.

 <– Alisha with her wet set dryer at the hotel. Fun times.

After eating we gave our presentation, it was an overview of everything pinup; history, photography, styles, makeup, hair and other tips and tricks to capture pinups at their best.  Alisha covered the bulk of information while I added bits and pieces.

We ended the presentation by demonstrating how we prep, pose and bring out our clients’ alter ego, “The Pinup,” through facial expressions with words and phrases like, “Ooooo Chocolate” as needed.

behind the scenes :) working with facial expressions - laughter is a bonus

The final image :) model: De Ann Atomic, Styling: Tiffany at Tresses Studio Salon

We had the pleasure of working with a beautiful model, DeAnn Atomic.  Miss Atomic had her fabulous hair and makeup done by Tiffany Concklin of Tresses Studio Salon.  The presentation was a great success, upon finishing we spoke with different members of PPSV about photography and Alisha judged the PPSV March image competition along with  some amazing photographers.

Sometimes using a tripod on a road trip means losing a limb haha

On the way back to San Diego, Alisha and I decided to take scenic highway 101 to the 1.  The 1 is more than just a highway; it is an escape from reality, where drivers are surrounded by California’s natural beauty.  As we wound down the 1 on cliffs that over looked the ocean, Alisha and I squeezed in a couple photos and made a quick stop in Cambria, near the Hearst Castle, one of our all time favorite places.

We stopped in town and realized we were too late for our antiquing, but still had time to enjoy a meal at one of our favorite places, Robins Restaurant, then drove back into reality and onto the 101 to Los Angeles, where we took I-5 to San Diego.

Some like to road trip.

Some like to whisper phrases at the camera, “Oooo Chocolate.”

Some like to drive away from reality and onto the 1.

Some like it shot.

2 thoughts on “Our PinUp Photography presentation in Sacramento

  1. Darn! What a tease ~ to be tempted with the possibility of true Wisconsin Cheese curds and then be served a poor imitation. I guess you will just have to make another road trip to Wisconsin. We sure would love to have you both back here again!!

    Congratulations on your first successful presentation. I have no doubt that it was enjoyed by all and that you will be invited back often.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos you took along the way.

    • I know!!! Especially when they were marketed as WI cheese curds. They weren’t even close to the taste that even Culvers has hehe. Can’t wait to come back and visit again! I miss the fireflies already. Thank you Sue!!! We had fun and learned a lot in the process.

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