Wild West Walkabout {San Diego Photography}

A Walkabout is a journey that Australian Aboriginal males take as a right of passage into man hood. In San Diego a walkabout is an event where local South Park businesses offer food, beverages and music wrapped in a theme to encourage locals and visitors to see what our San Diego community has to offer.

The South Parks Walkabout theme for March was the Wild West. Some Like It Shot’s one and only, Alisha, answered questions of prospecting clients in her red country dress with blonde and pink country curls to match, YEEHAW. I stood by roping in people partaking the festivities.

“Sir, Ma’am, how’d you like a root beer barrel?”
The man replied, “Oh, I don’t know,” followed with his lady friends remarks, “those tend to get stuck in my teeth.”
I firmly replied, “let me insure you folks, these aren’t those cheap dime store barrels, this is top of the line high brow goodness. These are Dad’s root beer barrels.”
Having shot their concerns to pieces they dove in with both hands.

With root beer barrels in their mouths we then gave them some eye candy, our sample-wedding album, hot off the press. As they flipped through our album, page after page, they let out ooo’s and aah’s. Flipping to the last page they looked up in amazement.
“That could be your album.” I replied.

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to say howdy!

Some like to walk about.

Some like root beer barrels.

Some Like It Shot.

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