A Hike To Kamikaze Falls

During my short visit to WA, we set up a photoshoot with Jessie, a past bride of ours and her new puppy, Toby, a Beagle Mix. Josh, Jessie’s husband, would have been with us for the hike but U.S. Navy had plans for him. Originally, we wanted to walk down the leisurely trail at Snoqualmie Falls, since Jessie had never been. Unfortunately, the trail was closed for construction until 2013 and in attempt to keep with the natural waterfall theme I decided to search the internet for some hike options near by.

Snoqualmie Falls May 2012

I landed on the website for Kamikaze Falls and google searched for images. Although not many images were online the ones that I did see were gorgeous. It was a done deal when I shared the link with Jessie. Neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. The hike was said to be easy to moderate (which I didn’t realize meant if you go all the way to the falls or not) with Elevation Gain 1420 ft – Highest Point 2370 ft.  We met briefly at Snoqualmie Falls for a quick view and a free natural mist shower, then carpooled to the Kamimake Falls parking area.

With 2 heavy cameras, a brand new pair of hiking boots, Some subway sandwiches and a full camera bag, we began our hike. For a long while we hiked, passing some Y’s in the trail but thinking nothing of them. Skilled hikers were passing us by, wearing their fancy packs and carrying hiking poles. Puzzled at their over preparedness we nonchalantly paused for photos at the various creeks and views along the way.

After a couple of hours the trail began to get very VERY steep, but we continued using our arms to push our thighs up one more step, hoping to see the falls soon. Just as we started to feel drenched in our own sweat we saw a couple of super hikers who had passed us in the beginning of our adventure. “Are we close to the falls?” I asked. A concerned expression swept across my face as they replied in a sympathetic tone, “Well, we just came from the summit, its only about 20 minutes more. You missed the turn for the falls at the Y about 2 miles ago.” My heart sank and I looked at Jessie.

In my most stubborn tone I explained to Jessie, “Well, I am exhausted! BUT I came for waterfall photos and I am up for finding this waterfall if you are… I’ll be sore tomorrow no matter what, haha.” Jessie agreed with a sigh of “I want to see the falls too. Murphy’s Law”! …and so our self inflicted torture began.

We walked about 2 miles down the trail, and then back up a crazy steep, unstable, rocky 3 mile path to the waterfall. Everyone we passed told us we’re getting close… (lies) or just 10 minutes or so away… (more lies). We must have looked like we were ready to give up at any moment. I suppose I should thank them because if they told us how far away it really was we probably would have turned around.

We could hear the water, and occasionally see water along the side of the trail, amongst other bugs and critters saying hello as we passed by.

We found a good excuses to take breaks enjoying the view of  the gorgeous mountain range across the valley, as the hikers needed to pass us on the thin one lane trail.

Every turn we made, we expected to finalllyyy reach the falls. When we made our way to the top it was AMAZING. Ironically the trail had become so steep that it was too scary to continue any higher for a  photo with the waterfall in the background. I rolled to my stomach with elbows on the trail so that I could get photos of the falls. As I pointed my lens up I felt a rush like I would fall off the side of the mountain if I stayed too long looking up. We found a sturdy spot next to a tree and got our sandwiches out to enjoy the triumph. Toby nodded in and out eating his snacks. What a trooper. WE MADE IT TO THE FALLS! :)

We survived going up and I wanted nothing more than to roll back down, or have a helicopter just pick us up haha. Muscles quivering, blisters forming and aches all over, we hiked back down, fatiguing a new set of muscles. Toby on the other hand pranced around like he was having the time of his life . Our hike began at 11:30A, we arrived at the falls around 4:30P and got back to our car at 7:30P. Deciding to celebrate we got coffee and a movie afterward as Toby passed out in the car.

Thanks Jessie for surviving with me ♥ That day will be a memory forever!!

Some like hikes in the gorgeous green WA forests

Some like waterfalls and all their wonder

Some Like It Shot

4 thoughts on “A Hike To Kamikaze Falls

    • Thanks Angela :) You would enjoy it…and I bet you two are the super hikers that pass up the newbies haha. It is in North Bend just passed the Mt Si hike on the Teneriffe side of the mountain. It is also called Teneriffe Falls to some :)

  1. One day you will learn that spending the day with Jessie will ALWAYS make for a memorable experience…..drunk Santas….almost dropping a bridesmaid out of a limo on a turn…and now this hike!!! :-D The photos are always amazing though!!!

    • Well, so far nothing but joy and good photos have come out of the memorable experiences haha. Makes life interesting, which is farrrr better than boring :)

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