Dave Mason & San Diego Pets Magazine Cover

Dave Mason, A Radio DJ for over 40 years and animal rights advocate, graced Some Like It Shot’s camera lens for a celebrity front cover edition of, San Diego Pets Magazine.

Dave Mason, known to San Diegans as the midday DJ for San Diego’s 105.7 The Walrus and host of “Breakfast with the Beatles,” Sundays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

On this month’s cover of San Diego Pets Magazine, Some Like It Shot created a digital artwork image with Dave and his family pets in front of the San Diego skyline.

Jack, the family dog, wanted a more traditional pose.  Alisha tried to convince him to tilt his head and project a more inquisitive look, but Jack insisted on showing his serious side.

Amigo, the family bird, wanted his photo taken in his cage.  As a photographer you have to be flexible, so I kept the door to his cage open and photographed him on his branch.  Amigo puffed up his crest and showed me his good side, I guess that’s his way of saying thank you.

Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with, he was open to all of our ideas and suggestions for the photo shoot and is sincerely one of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Thanks Dave!

You can read the digital version of the magazine here or pick up a physical copy at any of these San Diego locations

Some like to read, San Diego Pets Magazine.

Some like to listen to Dave Mason host, “Breakfast With the Beatles.”

Some like to read San Diego Pets Magazine while listening to Dave Mason host The Walrus.

Some like it shot.

6 thoughts on “Dave Mason & San Diego Pets Magazine Cover

  1. Aha!!! I saw this posted on the San Diego Pets Magazine facebook page and I really thought this looked like your work, but I did not see the Some Like It Shot Photography logo. This was great, very clever as usual.

    • This one was all Holland :) I was there to help get Amigo & Jack’s attention but besides that he made the whole thing. We really enjoyed our time chatting with Dave, he has to be one of the kindest people we have photographed. Reading the article about him actually made me like him even more. I had no idea the extent of an activist he was for pets.

  2. I will make a point to read the article then! Since this was Holland’s first magazine cover, I think I had better also order a copy of the magazine. Then, for both of you, I will be able to say, “I knew them when….”

  3. I just wanted to say how very cool Holland and Alicia are. They got lost getting to my house, so we had to reschedule. They carted tons of stuff in for the shoot- – and left the site (my house) looking better than it did when they got there. Plus the irritated cockatiel. He’s usually…like that. You did wonders on the picture-and even made me look good. I think YOU should shoot the covers of every magazine in the world. Thank you again.

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