Dia De Los Muertos Photography, Pavo Real De La Muerte

dia de los muertos body art photography

Here’s to a wonderful Dia De Los Muertos to all who are celebrating. Today, Nov. 1st is All Saints Day and we wanted to share some images from our session with a body painted Jenn A LaMode and artist Paula RR. SLISP will be celebrating All Souls Day, this Friday Nov 2nd, at Old Town San Diego’s Dia De Los Muertos  paying homage to the dead amongst the living. Hopefully we will have some photos to share of our day of the dead fun.

Jenn A Lamode wanted to do something sexy, creative and different from her other sessions with Some Like It Shot. So I gave her the ultimate challenge of letting body paint artist Paula RR & myself take full artistic control. Nothing is better than when work feels like play. After some brain storming on a creative body paint concept we chose to go with a Dia de Los Muertos theme – but not the traditional kind….clearly.painted peacock face paint

I already had an aqua sombrero that had never been photographed, and it was just screaming “pick me, pick me”, and so the hat was a must. After a few days Paula shared her creative peacock idea, without a doubt it was given the go.artist painting a bodyAfter Jenn had her family photos at the park, grandma came and picked up her girls before the real fun began. Paula started working her magic. It is my opportunity to catch up with clients while Paula is focused working.

As Paula got closer to being finished I set up my lighting outside, using the back of our neighbors’ wall for a textured background. I know, I am being a minimalist by not having some amazing set up in a multi million dollar studio, but I am pretty happy with the results even in such a simple place with no gawkers and I don’t have to charge clients a million dollars for a studio. Without Holland I find that setting up lighting and testing it alone can be a challenge…behold, my pre-model model.practice lighting skull and ladder

Just a couple days before the photoshoot we came across some skulls at a yard sale $2 each, I knew they would be a perfect accessory! I don’t dare get rid of props, the second I do I know I will need it. Our collection is random and weird… and awsome.dia de los muertos la catrina with skullsOur sombrero finally got its 5 minutes of fame as Jenn showed off her eyes. It was a fabulous way to end a photo filled day.dia de los muertos la catrina with sombrero

Here is a video of the Dia De Los Muertos celebration we went to in Old Town San Diego

Some like fancy ladies of death

Some like sombreros and skulls

Some Like It Shot

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