Girl On Fire! The Hot Circus Freak Side Show

Don’t play with fire, kids. This is a job for a hot Fire Tamer, Mama Meg West, who had creative body paint photo session during our Circus Themed photo day! Her side show act “Girl On Fire” Included a little Chihuahua flame named Winston, not in this blog but will be featured in an artwork image tamer fire ball photo art  Did you know that Earth is the only planet a fire can burn, thanks to our little friend Oxygen. That blue/violet color is created as the heat sucks up fresh oxygen and suffocates the blue until it turns red/orange/yellow at the tips of each flame.

Paula worked her fabulous flame art around Meghan’s body; she was HOT!

body paint artwork flames

Body Paint artwwork by Paula RR

We didn’t want to overwhelm our viewers with a full body shot, that would be too hot to handle. So Holland provided a warm up, first look into her eyes … don’t worry you won’t turn into stone (but I can’t guarantee you won’t melt).

a peek at girl on fire makeup Mama Meg West made the room glow, and with the extremely hot weather we’ve been having here in San Diego lately we definitely had our fire extinguisher tamer lit with goldWe leave you with a sexy circus joke,

“Did you hear about the fire at the circus? …it was IN TENTS”whip and flames

Some like circus freak side shows

Some like flaming hot girls

Some Like It Shot

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