Jairon at Lake Balboa

It was a beautiful day in “The Valley” north of L.A.; not too hot, not too cold, but just right for a photo session at Lake Balboa Park with Jairon. We started with some red dress fun amongst the trees. 

Never pass up an opportunity to show off a dress that flows in the sun. Jairon danced around on the bridge as I snapped away and passers by stopped to watch the fun. At one point a little boy rode by on his bicycle with his dad and ecstatically exclaimed “Look Daddy, a princess!!”. Which he replied “Wow, and the princess looks like she is having her photos taken so we should not interrupt her”. It was all too cute.

Jairon dancing

Once the blue shirt was on we took some time to soak in nature off the path.

We avoided the ducks and relaxed on benches.

Practically all of the vegetation made a fabulous natural backdrop.

Some like soaking in nature

Some like feeling like a princess

Some Like It Shot

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