Raquel McPeek Actress/Model

We just announced our Fan of The Month on our Facebook Fanpage and ironically Raquel is also our Blog subject!

While in Los Angeles, CA we photographed the talented and gorgeous Ms Raquel McPeek Rodriguez. An actress and theater major at Cal State University, Northridge (our Alma Mater).

We were mostly preparing headshots for her portfolio/auditions and tried a few different styles during our time together.

No matter the style, our goal was to show her personality. Within the short time we had known each other it became obvious she is a friendly, happy, kind hearted person.

We also managed to get some nature images. Amongst the maze of buildings at our location were orange trees and a serene sunset.

The session was easy, she understands posing and direction so well, it must be because of her stage training and experience. She is scheduled to participate in a fashion show soon and we hope that she gets hired for some more work in films, she would be fabulous!

Some like acting on stage

Some like walking the fashion runway

Some Like It Shot

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