Ryan Lane Actor/Model

During a short stay in Los Angeles we had the privilege of photographing actor/model Ryan Lane. It had been 5 years since the last time he was in front of our cameras and it certainly showed with his now experienced and comfortable energy at the photoshoot. You may recognize him from a few different TV shows, most recently he has a role on “Switched At Birth”.

Ryan Lane

We know he has a huge fan base, especially in the Deaf community and we assumed a lot of girls would probably be waiting to see these images on his website, so we did our best to show all the different sides of Ryan.

First, we went with “the guy next door”. If you know Ryan you probably understand that this is a comfortable look for him. Effortlessly he posed here and there as we took photos with some nature.

We wanted some simple photos and I like to call this the “San Diego” look, very laid back. The sun was setting and just reminded me of the warm light we get at the beach in San Diego. The fedora and jeans were just too perfect.

After the sun had set it was time to “Suit Up”, and he certainly pulled the suave look well…maybe too well. We used the sun glasses for a few but wasn’t sure if it would be too Miami Vice looking for his fans’ taste. I am just wondering when he will be asked to have photos like these in GQ.

To end the night Holland got to play with color as Ryan showed us his Denim & Leather side. Just for fun we even had him do a Twilight Inspired pose while we were waiting for the lighting to be ready for the actual shot.

If you plan on attending the Deaf Expo in Las Vegas July 28-31st visit the Sprint booth for his autograph (on one of our lovely images) and don’t forget he is the Co-Host for the Deafinit Models Fashion Show!!

Some like to pose with nature

Some like to Suit Up

Some Like It Shot

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