When Life Gives You Dance

I always enjoy photographing people who have taken dance classes. Every once in a while I get the honor of photographing a true dancer at heart, one who has continued to love dancing and pursues the career of a dancer/performer into their adult lives. Ashley is one of these dancers, her devotion to the art has lead her life from Texas, to New York and now California. We were honored when she contacted us to photograph her as she prepared to enter the dance world in Los Angeles. To prepare for her audition, we started the photoshoot with headshots and gradually let her inner dancer shine.

We played at Balboa Park, dancing in the hallways amongst the gorgeous architecture.

Creating shapes and lines, using creative lighting, with a natural background.

Keeping her suspended her in the air, via our shutter, once the sun completely set.

Dancing into the night is dreamy. I love Ashley’s devotion and look forward to seeing the success that lies ahead of her as a performer.

Some like to dance

Some like to perform

Some Like It Shot

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