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Love Wins for Marriage Equality in Washington State with the approval of Ref 74! YAY! Thank you 2012 WA State voters who made this happen!! We love to photograph weddings of all kinds, LGBTQ included, and to be honest some of the Best weddings we have photographed have been same-sex weddings. The meaning, seriousness, love, tears and support are multiplied when a couple has been together for so long and are finally able to legally marry.

You don’t have to be planning a wedding to hire us for photos; we provide portraits, pin ups, pet photography and digital artwork for people and pets of all ages…

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Yes, we are a straight couple (but not narrow minded). We believe in and support love equally. We have family members and friends who are LGBTQ and consider ourselves part of the community as supporters. The saddest thing we encounter during sessions are these types of questions: ‘Are you ok if we kiss in front of you?’ …really, you will be treated like all couples; no hesitance, no judgement, and hopefully an end result that we will all be proud of. You can decide if your images are kept private or shared with the world, galleries can be kept locked with a password if you want. (although we love sharing samples our work, so if you’re not shy neither are we).

Here are a couple wedding videos of past clients. Enjoy!

Ty & Rob 

Deidra & Cris

Some like guys

Some like girls

Some like guys and girls

Some Like It Shot

photographers who support marriage equality

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