The Pelloni Wedding

Have you ever heard the theme song to Jaws?  It’s a predatory tune, with music that slowly builds, filling the audience with anticipation, until jaws attacks and devours his victim.

When rain is forecast the day of an outdoor wedding that Alisha and I have been hired to shoot, this is the tune that plays over and over and over in my head.

With the Jaws soundtrack in my head and dark clouds above, Alisha and I drove to Influx prior to the wedding, to grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  Alisha began reviewing the breakdown of the day as we eat and drank our coffee,

“Now, we’re starting off photographing Jennifer together,” said Alisha

I replied, “Check.”

“You’re going to photograph the rings while I photograph the bride and bridesmaids getting ready,” Alisha explained.


“Are you listening to what I’m saying?”

“Check,” I responded with a mouth full of food.

“No you’re not,” demanded Alisha.


“Holland, look at me when I’m talking to you.”

“What?” I asked as she glared my way.

With the coffee slowly sinking in and sandwich fueling my focus, we finally reviewed the day ahead.

Thank you Jenni for looking amazing in your dress at the Bahia hotel!

With clouds growing darker and the melody to jaws intensifying, Alisha and I drove to the Bahia in Mission Bay.  As we arrived at the hotel the clouds had turned from a dark charcoal color, to a light grey.

Alisha and I took the elevator to the fifth floor and got to work.  Alisha photographed the bride, Jennifer, and bridesmaids in their custom robes drinking mimosas and prepping for the big day.  I went out to the stairwell to photograph the rings.

As the hour hand on the clock turned, the sun broke through the clouds killing any chance of rain.  With sunshine above and optimism in the air, I headed over to photograph the groomsmen getting ready.  Dustin, the Groom, had a full head of curly hair for his and Jen’s engagement pictures a couple months prior.  He had since cut his hair and donated his lusty locks to, “Locks of Love.”  With a new hair do and absolutely no idea on how to style it, Jen sent two of her bridesmaids over to help him out, and guess what?  They brought beer for the guys.  Cheers ladies.

Once the guys were dressed and ready, I took the groom and groomsmen shots in the garden area.  Meanwhile, Alisha photographed the bride and bridesmaids in the Bahia bar and on the beach.  After Alisha and I finished taking photographs of the two wedding parties, we drove to the location of the ceremony.

Arriving at the ceremony, the groom and groomsmen waited by the street for the bride and bridesmaids to arrive in their limo.  As the band began to play, “We’re Going to be Friends,” by the, White Stripes, the ceremony started.  The Groom, Groomsmen and bridesmaids trickled down the isle.  The flower girl followed, using her little hand to sprinkle rose petals for the bride to walk-on, as she walked to the altar.

At the altar, Dustin and Jen exchanged vows in a service lead by their mutual friend, Chrys.  The ceremony was wrapped up when Jen and Dustin’s hands were bound together with ribbon by family and loved ones.  With hands bound, Dustin and Jen sealed the ceremony with a kiss, signaling the union of their marriage.

Post ceremony photos were taken, documents were signed, then the party moved into a building where Dustin and Jen ate, danced, and visited with friends and loved ones.  When the clock struck midnight, Dustin and Jen retreated to their hotel room where they made a ruckus, jumping on their bed.

Some like to walk down the isle to the tune of “We’re Going to be Friends.”

Some like to have their hands bound together by loved ones and seal it with a kiss.

Some like to make a ruckus, jumping on their bed.

Some it shot. ~Holland

Many more fun activities happened though out the wedding day, view photos from the entire wedding day HERE in their client proofing gallery.

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  1. It was such a beautiful wedding in person and you have done a wonderful job of re-creating that with pictures and words.

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