Story Book Wedding

Some Like It Shot photographed a wedding on Sunday, May 6th, where the bride and groom used books for the weddings theme and cupcakes as the wedding cake. 

After helping with decorations, the ladies got ready at the Tower 23 Hotel in PB.

The service and reception were held at the Mission Beach Women’s Club.  The groom, Brandon, and bride, Marissa, had a number of friends and family attend the wedding.  Among the guests were kids, a lot of kids.

A book was placed upon every table.  They were classics like, Dracula and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The cupcakes were stacked upon boxes, made to resemble books.  Their wedding rings were held inside a box that looked exactly like a book.

The cover of the book has a picture of three butterflies surrounded by words, “Laugh, Love, Inspire, Dream.”  The inside of the book is lined with velvet, with ribbons that hold the rings.

Brandon and Marissa wrote and exchanged their vows at their ceremony sealing them with a kiss.  The end of the ceremony sparked the beginning of the reception where everybody ate Chinese food and sushi.

Between the main course and the desert, friends and family gave speeches and toasted the new couple.  When the last speech was given everybody ate cupcakes, a lot of cup cakes, which they all enjoyed, especially the kids!

As the wedding came to a halt Marissa realized they still had a lot of cupcakes left, so she and the kids went out to the sidewalk and began giving them away.

Brandon and Marissa ended the day on the beach, watching the sunset behind the ocean, and they lived happily ever after.

Some like cake.

Some like cupcakes.

Some Like It Shot.

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