Identical Twins 2013 Calendar Art Photo Shoot

Around this time last year we announced our big plans to move back to my hometown in WA State and to celebrate we hosted a contest for our Facebook fans to win a Free Calendar Art Photoshoot. Not just any photoshoot, they would be our very 1st photoshoot back in WA. Well, it was an intense competition but our contest winners were the lovely Nester Twins!calendar art twins by Seattle/Tacoma

We decided to create a calendar theme sharing little insights of the life of a twin. Like the one question that makes them cringe … “Are You Two Twins?”. They brought their doggies with them for a couple shots, the story goes that these two twins are not only gorgeous but they are also super sweet & caring. They used to volunteer at the humane society and both dogs were adopted from there too. While the twins were styled by Lacey of Blushing Babes Make-up Design, their furry kids got some much needed snuggle time on their laps.

behind the scenes dogs calendar art twins by Seattle/Tacoma

Once the photoshoot began we were on a roll with wardrobe flying off and on, flowers and accessories being changed throughout and posing to make the theme thrive. For anyone  interested in your own calendar, prices & details can be found on our Artwork page. The last day that we offer calendar shoots to be ready for the holidays is Oct 31st aka Halloween each year…but they are offered year round and the month can start at any time.02OneSoul_WEB

Sometimes we didn’t have the exact color of wardrobe needed to perfectly match so we used some photomagic :) can you tell what was not originally green/black?


We love photographing twins, one year we photographed 5 different sets of twins with ages ranging from newborn to adult but not all were identical. I can see how this quote rings true…


We got to play cowgirl/country girl a little for their May image.


We added balloons and their furry kids to celebrate their June birthdays.


The twins came up with their own phrases before the shoot, this helps us think of poses and background ideas ahead of time.


No calendar would be complete without a sunny August swimsuit shot.08August_WEB

They don’t actually dress identical, but they did just for the photoshoot.


No Harley’s were harmed in the making of this photo for their October image :) it was a little more artwork than we normally do but when you have a Harley Davidson in the image plain is just crazy – we needed some pizzazz.


Happy Thanksgiving & thank you for being so sweet!!


Last but not least, one my my favorites and I bet this one is so true.


Thanks Again Brittni & Brandi you are fantastic!!! Hope your modeling career takes you to many fabulous places. We were proud to be your photographers and happy that you were our very first photoshoot in WA 2013!!

twins snap shot holding their calendar

Some like twins

Some like calendars

Some Like It Shot

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