Gina, Matt & Baby On The Way

Gina & Matt are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their baby, who’s due date was October 29th and has yet to make an appearance. Many of us are stalking their Facebook waiting for news and I figured posting their blog would be a nice way to pass time as we all wait.

Roots Maternity Baby photography

We photographed Gina & Matt at Balboa Park in San Diego CA during our west coast photo tour 2013. As our friend Kimberly said we FINALLY got to photograph them! She’s been telling them every year since she had her baby and now that an important milestone for them was here it finally happened.

Dots Maternity Baby photography

One of Gina’s favorite places is amongst the trees at Balboa Park, she was glowing with happiness in the fall colors. It is obvious to us that their baby has wonderful well ‘rooted’ parents just waiting to begin a life of adventures together.

Family Tree Maternity Baby photography

We ended within the halls of Balboa Parks Prado and enjoyed some stripes to show off her baby belly, keep in mind this was about 4 weeks before her due date with some room for growth.

Stripes Maternity Baby photography

Matt & Gina decided to keep their baby’s gender a surprise for birth. No matter what, it is clear that this baby will be loved with all their hearts.

ASL I Love You Maternity Baby photography

…besides gender isn’t nearly as important as finding out if their baby will be a Spartan or a wee little Fighting Irish on the way out!

Spartan Fighting Irish football Matt, Gina and Baby On The Way by

Some like strong family roots

Some like even stronger college football fans

Some Like It Shot

9 thoughts on “Gina, Matt & Baby On The Way

    • Thanks! I loved the polka dots & stripes too! With emphasizing a baby belly you get to break the rules a little … normally patterns emphasize size – and most people don’t want certain areas emphasized lol! Works great for round baby bellies though.

  1. Gina,
    You, Matt and baby look wonderful!!! Joy surrounds you!!! We are so excited and happy for a precious miracle is arriving very soon!!!
    We love you,
    Mom, Dad Dick Jr. John , Tim, Lindsey Patrick and Tyler

  2. Gina and Matt, We are so excited for you, and are praying for a healthy baby. He or she will look at your beautiful pictures some day and see how much you loved him or her!
    We can’t wait to meet the baby and share in the overwhelming joy of being grandparents with Franca and Dick.

  3. We are praying for you & your new baby. Thank you for sending out your photos, as we are so happy for answered prayers.
    Simone & Roy

  4. Beautiful photos!!!! But most importantly that baby will have parents that exude beauty inside and out:) !!! Love the college shirts.. Should get you a little red and black gear…go red raiders!!! Love, Kelly, David griffin and family!!!!

  5. Soak in this SPECIAL time in your lives. Photos are beautiful
    My love to all three of you. Looking forward to meeting the baby, soon. God’s love surrounds you.

  6. I love my cousins and wish them and the baby continued good health and happiness always and forever!!
    FANTASTIC photo shoot for the family to see. What a creative Photography company you are. Thank you so much to all for sharing.
    Love, Cousin Mary Dornan

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