How To Prepare For Your Stylist

Getting Excited For Your Photo Session? Here are ways you can help us prepare for your session, a clean palette for the stylist is very important!

  1. Please do not tan or spray tan min. 48 hours prior (or at all, pale is perfect for Pin Up sessions and your skin will thank you later)
  2. Wash your hair 24-36hours prior, preferably no conditioner
  3. Dry your hair completely
  4. Avoid using any styling products in your hair before the photo shoot
  5. Let us know if you have a hair accessory, hair extensions or hat you plan to wear so that the stylist can plan a style that will work with your accessories/hat/extensions etc
  6. Gather any wardrobe, shoes, accessories you plan to bring in one safe place and make sure they are clean and wrinkle free. Bring skin tone under garments if you are wearing our wardrobe and are unsure what color to wear underneath.
  7. Please let me know ASAP if you have allergies to make-up or other similar information as needed.


  1. Prepare nails with matching red hands & feet or natural nails and red toes (red is the typical color, not required but recommended for looking traditional)
  2. Tweeze/Wax brows
  3. Shave


  1. Wash, exfoliate face
  2. Moisturize face with a non-oil based moisturizer (use water based or no moisturizer)
  3. Do not apply any makeup
  4. Bring contact solution if you plan to wear contacts
  5. Wear Clear deodorant
  6. Brush/floss teeth
  7. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes & bring a button up top if you plan on wearing your hair style out afterward
  8. Bring flip flops or slippers or very very very loose socks so they do not leave sock marks.
  9. Stay hydrated & eat for energy

We do not allow the following at our event day photoshoots (you will be thankful later):

  • Alcohol consumption or drug use before or during the photo-shoot
  • Guests/friends/family during our event days; for the comfort of others participating, the distraction while trying to receive direction, as well as lack of space (and other reasons) – if you want to have someone you know to share the experience with we suggest inviting a friend to sign up for a session before or after you
  • Glitter – please do not wear or bring glitter on outfits or props (sequins are different than glitter)
  • Baby Oil – please do not wear or apply baby oil or lotions that will leave residue

THANK YOU!!! Can’t wait to see you get Pin Up Pampered with Some Like It Shot. No need to be nervous :) it will be a fun day.

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