How To Prepare For Your Pet Photoshoot

We are thrilled to work with animals, pets, fur kids, feathered friends, barn babies and the other wonderful companions and family members of a different kind. There are a few things you can do to help prepare for your pet-ography session :)

  • Please have your pets well groomed/bathed/brushed/nails clipped for their photos. (please do not go to the groomer for a cut the day of our pet-ography session; two activities in one day might be overwhelming for your friend) Pepp045_WEB
  • Please take your pet to the bathroom right before the session, please bring extra poo bags, newspapers etc to sessions just incase. IMG_4041WEB
  • We may need your help during the session to keep your pets attention and to get them to show off all of their fantastic tricks. We realize that a lot of animals respond differently to a stranger than their owner, which is why we will need you there as a backup plan. *If your pet has a particularly short attention span sometimes holding off their morning meal and snacks will encourage better attention during our treat driven photo sessions. bonita, ca, lexus, linus, schultz
  • We will definitely need your help if your pet is a drooler and you don’t want to showcase the drool in their photos :) You can be on drool duty. drool_WEB
  • Please do not scold your pet before or during the session, a happy happy day is necessary in order to get the best photo without sad or scared faces. We will all have a lot of patience and eventually we will get the shot we want. 10550_10151110428958034_1965289047_n
  • Please bring your pet’s favorite treats & bottled water if needed, we typically provide treats as well but we know every animal has a different preference, diet and we would like to make sure we do not disturb their digestive system while taking photos. Especially for dogs, if it is hot out water may be the only thing preventing your photos from having their tongue hanging out the entire time.KellyBrian230Web
  • Your pet can wear outfits and have props in their photos! Bring clean toys, sentimental items from home, favorite cat baskets or accessories you feel would make a great addition to a photo and we can take photos with the variety you bring. This is especially good if your pet is not very active because it will help your pets’ photos look varied. Prop Ideas: toys of any sort, tennis ball, ropes, stuffed animals, blankets, your pets bed etc etc kim, nathaniel, kitties, Los Angeles
  • Please do not have your pet in a harness, your photos will look much more natural if your pet can wear a collar to the session instead. Unless you like distracting tags to be in the photos we do suggest removal of tags and encourage wearing your cleanest/cutest collar for the photos. Collars are not required but may be necessary for the safety of your pet.MurphyGD002_WEB
  • Bring a towel and/or some wipes for their paws, we might have some fun that causes them to get dirty. If your session is in WA their paws might get dirty just from their potty break outside or coming in from the car and will especially need clean feet for sessions indoors, :) CCHG077S_WEB
  • Please let us know any special descriptions before your session. Example; not human friendly, loves swimming & will jump in any water immediately, barks at hats, toy motivated more than treat motivated, toy obsessed please don’t bring toys, has arthritis in his/her hips and cannot walk long distances, not good off leash, is scared of hard floors, jumps on people (so we can have our equipment safe during greeting), don’t touch her belly even if she rolls over she will scratch you, & especially let us know if your pet is a therapy dog or competitor in agility, herding, show or has other special talents….if your pet has an unusual BFF we would love to photograph them together while we are at your location (cat/dog, dog/bird, etc) –this kind of information will help us determine how much of a warm up may be needed. vPeckerValentine03_YELLOW_WEB
  • Please let us know of their special trigger words ahead of time so we can pull some magic out of our hat. Example: walk, squirrel, hungry, treat, eat, car ride etc. IMG_5461B_WEB
  • Just a reminder that Pet-ography is for pets; your arms and feet may get in the photos accidentally so be prepared; however, if you’re looking for photos WITH your pet you are looking for a human portrait session, pets are welcome in all kinds of private human sessions.

YOUR PET’S CHANCE AT BEING PUBLISHED…382809_10150407934293034_1564100507_n

We will submit pet images to publications we are contracted with or special requests, if their owner is willing to sign a model release. This option will be a part of your contract at your session. If you want the best chances at being published, your pet needs to be well groomed and even better if they are groomed to standard for his/her breed. Also, it appears that pets without clothes on in an outdoor natural environment get published far more often. We will do a variety of shots during the session and I never know what they will choose or when. We love being published and submit to multiple places but cannot guarantee that they will be selected for publication.

Can’t wait to meet you & play, as our dogs would say, have a butt-wiggling day!


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