6 Dogs + 7 People = 13 Photogenic Family Members

Family Photos

In December Some Like It Shot photographed the Swenson, Siewert & Kimball families.  If some of the faces in the pictures look familiar, it’s not Deja vu.

Family Photos

In August of 2011, Some Like It Shot had the privilege of photographing Rod Siewert and Kaitlin Swenson wedding.


Now that the two families have joined forces they are back for family pictures with their dogs, a total 6 dogs + 7 humans = 13 photogenic family members.

family photos, pet portraiture

The dogs all had different personalities. Spencer just wanted to hang out

Pet portraiture

Credence panted with joy,

Pet Portraiture

Baily was happy to watch sunset.

Pet Portraiture

Kenny was stoic – as stoic as one can be with ears like that,

Pet Portraiture

Daisy smiled for the camera

pet portraiture

and Hobie posed seductively!

pet portraiture

We had a wonderful time photographing these photogenic family once again.

Some people have Deja vu.

Some families join forces.

Some Like It Shot.

2 thoughts on “6 Dogs + 7 People = 13 Photogenic Family Members

  1. Beautiful life. So happy to have met you at the Dr’s office. When your feeling better I’d love to have you take some pictures of my bull dog Bronson and I. Much Love to you, Kristi Hibbard

  2. Thanks Kristi! I am just now getting back into photoshoots, now that our baby is 2 months old. Hope to hear from you and Bronson.

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