90 Years Strong, Happy, and Beautiful

Ginny isn’t 90 for a couple more months but couldn’t be a sweeter kinder more beautiful soul! We photographed her with her daughter, Marsha, and Marsha’s furry kids this summer as a preparation for Ginny’s 90th celebration.


We knew these images will be seen by the many people she has connected with throughout the years from her youth and adulthood, and with a little help from Marsha we were able to get ahold of a few of her high school photos to play with. She was looking in a mirror when we took the shot, the mirror is a family heirloom, and we included this image from her youth later for a cute surprise.


Ginny’s grand-dog Bailey is definitely one of her favorite family members. They sit together quite often just soaking in the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest.


The lush green atmosphere at Marsha’s house is relaxing and when the sun peeks through there is nothing to compare with the warm glow.


Marsha and Bailey are so happy to have Ginny over to share their day with, Bailey was all smiles as you can see.


We ended the shoot hearing some of Ginny’s life stories and taking in the sights sounds and beautiful animals in and around Marsha’s home.


This is Timber, he was shy but with some coaxing we got a headshot from behind the bed.


Timber & Tess kitties both came to Marsha as feral kittens and with much love they’ve made huge strides! Although we weren’t able to snuggle on them we were able to get some nice photos.

So many critters for Bailey to see, smell and track in his own yard.

13Ginny131_WEB 13Ginny134_WEB

I am not sure I have met anyone more proud of her mother than Marsha. Rightfully so, it is so very rare to find a genuinely happy person like Ginny. Happy early Birthday Ginny!!! Love, Alisha & Holland!


Some like celebrating birthdays

Some like celebrating wonderful moms

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