A Magic Day With Sandy & Family

With a sparkling handful of floo power drifting in the fireplace we stepped into the magical flames and declared our trip to San Diego’s Balboa Park where we met with Harry Potter fans Linda, Martin and their gorgeous White Shepherd named Sandy.

Grab your butter beer and get cozy because “Relashio”, you can now enjoy the Self-Shuffling images:

We traveled to a few different areas of the magical Balboa Park on our magical photoshoot  day. Sandy was photographed with some Aconite, an ingredient in potions used to make her photos turn out beautiful.


We actually didn’t know how much of a fan the family was until they arrived, prepared with Harry Potter books, shirts and Sandy’s favorite owl toy. As far as wizardry knowledge goes, I’m pretty sure they would pass the O.W.L if given the exam. We were just Bozo’s taking photos for the day.



The Zen garden roots are always a nice photo background and hiding place too for Bowtruckles concerned by our little adventure in their territory.

Bowtruckles sandy the white shepherd www.somelikeitshotphotography.com

With a wave of her wand Linda cast the “Aguamenti” spell so that we could have some nice water reflection photos with Sandy and the family.


We saw the Gillyweed plant floating in the reflective pond but didn’t decide to give it a try. It was clear that some koi had eaten enough to have gills the rest of they lives as they swam in and out of the reflections.


Overall it was a beautiful, happy magical day with Sandy and her family! Let this blog become a Pensieve of the wonderful time we had together!


Some like magic wands

Some like magical owls

Some Like It Shot

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