A Lemon Meringue Birthday


It was a rainy birthday morning, fairly uneventful as we celebrated Holland’s 30th birthday for the 6th time. The typical card with a Boxer on front was handed his way with a message that only he could fully appreciate, permission to choose an antique bottle of his choice for his birthday gift. Unsuspecting of presents or cake we left the house for a cafe I had been talking up all week.


We arrived at the Blue Vanilla Bakery & Cafe in Des Moines, WA, near the water front. We were greeted with smiles, coffee and tea while we browsed the menu. Finally we found a small business/family owned cafe that offered a simple and delicious brunch menu! We had been looking for this locally owned goodness near our area since leaving San Diego.

Coffee and Pie sepia

What Holland didn’t know was that earlier in the week I contacted Blue Vanilla Bakery and arranged a special order of his favorite kind of pie to be made just for him on his birthday.  Margie, the baker/business partner, truly has a gift of meringue! It wasn’t really advertised on their menu as an option but I am so happy I asked.


Around the corner I whispered with a server and overlooked the amazing creation. I was so impressed I was actually giddy to bring it to the table where Holland sat obliviously eating his biscuit breakfast sandwich and french toast with fruit, talking to a neighboring table with a new acquaintance.


As I walked the pie to him and set it on the table you could almost see the drool in his surprised expression! Unfortunately I ordered us a big breakfast and he wasn’t sure he could handle eating a piece at the moment. I wasn’t too upset, that just meant that I got to play with the pie with the camera first. He knew he had to eat it without my help since I am allergic to lemon, but he also knew my dad was probably wishing he had a piece too.


At home, I photographed the pie before it was devoured and realized that we don’t own a nice glass pie stand…maybe I will actually use some pinterest ideas and make one some day.


Holland finally tasted his pie and in his own words from a personal Facebook Post, “Many of you may not know this, but I have eaten lemon meringue pie all over the world and am a self proclaimed lemon meringue aficionado. Today’s lemon meringue was the best I’ve ever had and is probably the best in the U.S. if not the world. I am ending this post with one last thank you to everybody who made my 30th birthday extra special.”

My dad savored a piece too and agreed. Thank you Blue Vanilla for a great birthday pie surprise!!

Later we celebrated with dinner at Muckleshoot Casino with my dad, before they both watched the UFC Fight on the Casino’s big screen.


Some like birthday cake

Some like birthday pie

Some Like It Shot

2 thoughts on “A Lemon Meringue Birthday

  1. I’m with you, Holland! When my Aunt Shirley was still living, I used to request her homemade apple pie for my birthday instead of a birthday cake. What a lovely, wonderful wife you have to have given you such a sweet, sweet birthday surprise!! The two of you together are just the best!!

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