Emerald City Comic Con 2013

This March was our first Emerald City Comic Con experience after going to the International Comic Con in San Diego for a few years. There are pros and cons to both but generally we had a blast, made some new friends and can’t wait for next year!

Enjoy an artwork piece we’ve created “When I Get My Vines On You” featuring Crystal as Poison Ivy. Costume, Hair/Make-up and Artwork by Alisha. We offer digital artwork for costly clients as well as vintage pin up style fun. http://somelikeitshotphotography.com/digitalartwork/digital-artwork-pricing/When I Get My Vines On You Poison Ivy

For those of you wondering what the differences were between the giant SDCC and the small but large ECCC here are a few of the comparisons we were able to notice:

  • ECCC has a lot less people attending even though it is the 3rd largest Comic Con in North America. This means much smaller lines for everything. The longest line I personally have ever waited in was at SDCC in 2011 – I wait 10 hours, overnight on the sidewalk, in line eating for 2012 tickets. SDCC was a little crazy in that aspect.
  • ECCC tickets are easier to come by, they did sell out their Saturday tickets a few weeks in advance but it is nothing like the battle to get a ticket at SDCC. 
  • ECCC has a higher percentage of attendees dressed up in cosplay – this was a nice surprise. We weren’t really sure how the crowd was but it really feels like being a kid again. You are in a supportive environment with friendly non-judemental people who are sober and still having fun dressed up playing. Such a rare treat. 
  • The ECCC Panels are a lot different, less Hollywood names attend and the rooms are set up much different. At least at SDCC there are large screens in areas further back for you to follow the expressions being made by the panel.
  • The Disability Services at ECCC is still very far behind SDCC. This needs to change, I know Deaf friends who requested an interpreter weeks (if not months) in advance and were only provided a student signer to accompany them throughout the show floor. At SDCC Interpreting services has an amazing set up. Not only are there interpreters for all of the major panels, interpreters can be requested for one on one meetings and volunteer interpreters are there too for the show floor and other miscellaneous adventures you might need. Time to step it up ECCC :) – I sent them a note on this topic, hopefully they either set it up or contact me to help them.
  • ECCC is only 3 days, while SDCC is 4+ a preview night if you’re lucky.
  • ECCC Costume Party was not a party at all, for the most part contestants just walked on stage and off stage – there were awards given and that was it. Hopefully they add more fun to the night, it is still a new feature at ECCC. The SDCC Masquerade is fantastic, not only are there great MCs and guest costume contest judges but contestants have to work hard for their awards. We’re talking full on skits and entertainment for the crowd. Afterward is a big dance party typically catered with something like cupcakes, salsa/chips and another dessert or two. It is a memorable night and they have fan movies that plat while they tabulate the scores.
  • ECCC does not have the fun freebies that SDCC has. SDCC seemed to be giving away things at every table or a line for exclusives etc. There were large floor models and displays as well as mini exhibits or adventures put on by the various vendors. ECCC doesn’t have any of that but they do have the great artists, books and other venders selling comic goodies.
  • Lastly ECCC is in Seattle WA in March … pretty much a guarantee for rain on one of the three days. This is a nightmare for cosplayers especially those wearing makeup or things that melt with water. SDCC is in San Diego in July – you know, the super hot time of the year when sweat beads slowly melt make-up off your face and any layered costume means you will be 100+ degrees all day as you mosey your way through the body heat of thousands of other attendees. It seems to me that these two should have their dates switched.

Here are some photos from ECCC 2013. We will be posting a video with more photos from ECCC soon :) If you are in any of these images and would like a larger copy or print of the image we’ve posted them in a gallery that will be up until Dec 2013 http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-wXDFz

Some Like Comic Books

Some LIke Cosplay

Some Like It Shot

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