Good Things Come In Pink! Especially Doughnuts!

If you’ve ever been to VooDoo Doughnuts you already know it is a magical doughnut experience…they say the Magic is in the Hole but I think it’s in the pink boxes!


If you can brave the area of Portland, Oregon that is home to what seems like hundreds of homeless people along the streets where the food carts and delicious doughnut shop exists, you won’t be disappointed. You know if there is a line outside 24/7 it must be good!


Just look for their glowing VooDoo Doll sign on 3rd street and follow the glittery brick wall to the end of the line. (Is it weird that I was fascinated with their glittery brick wall? It was smooth feeling, and the glitter didn’t fall to the ground even after surviving the weather and people touching it all the time…I’m really curious how they keep it maintained!)



While you wait in line don’t be surprised if you find yourself entertained by performers of a variety. Our favorite was The Smiling Hobos! A band traveling the U.S. performing with a ukulele, banjo, saw, guitar, violin and an orange traffic cone…all with their dogs bundled up laying near by listening. They are really talented! This is a video of a few members of the band … wish I would have recorded them to post on here. Yesterday they performed The Cup Song and a couple other really great tunes.


During the warm dry months it seems that they keep all the customers outside in line until it is your turn to order…which is nice! It feels like you get your own private experience without the need to elbow the person next to you who decided to invade on your space to look in the rotating display of doughnuts (you all know what that feel like if you’ve ever been to a busy ice cream store). It seems that on colder/wetter days they do let a portion of the line inside.


P.S. Don’t forget Cash, this is one of those Cash Only restaurants rare but real! If you need some cash there is an ATM across the street…even the ATMs are creative! Arcade Game ATMs should be everywhere.


We’ve been twice and tried quite a few different doughnuts, each having our own favorite! My favorite are the VooDolls (chocolate glaze with raspberry jelly filling) and the Mexican Hot Chocolate (a very spicy chocolate cake donut with cayenne pepper in the sugar coating).


My dad really enjoyed the Maple Bar with Bacon on top and the Old Dirty Bastard (Oreos & Peanut Butter on a glazed doughnut).


Holland really likes the Mexican Hot Chocolate, Bavarian Creams, the Lemon filled powdered doughnuts…and the Fruit Loops for breakfast.


If you find yourself going through Portland, it is too delicious to pass up!! & a fun place to meet friends you haven’t seen in a long while! (Great to see you again Steve!)



Some like voodoo dolls

Some like pink!

Some Like It Shot

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