Our WA Bucket List √ The Ferry & √ The Pink Door Restaurant

One of my biggest concerns moving back to WA this winter was that Holland wasn’t going to like it here, due to his memories of running in the cold miserable rain at Ft Lewis for 5 years. I wanted to show him that there really is so much more to do in this state than the few things he experienced. To my surprise, majority of the amazing festivals and views I was able to find are new to me too , even though I grew up here. This image is from Holland’s Very 1st Ferry ride in his entire life. Sunset from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

ferry ride Seattle downtown cityscape

So, with a little help from Pinterest and friends suggestions I made a WA State Bucket List with several things I would like to do. Our goal has been to √ off 2 things each month and so far we’ve been doing great. It does help that in the summer everyone from the hot-weather states comes to visit allowing us to play tourists in our own town. Having a Bucket List has helped me guide the question “what do you want to do while you visit” quite a bit. Most things are time sensitive. May I add that it is also when a lot of outdoor photography takes place making our lives crazy busy. Here is a shot from our 1st night time ferry ride just a few weeks after Holland’s 1st ever ferry ride.

Seattle downtown night ferry

I will be posting more from our WA Bucket List later but first I wanted to share with you a photo from this weekend of a fantastic performer at The Pink Door … a restaurant very close to the Pike Place Market! It will DEFINITELY be a place we take more visitors looking for a delicious Italian meal and unique dining experience. An aerial performer does a short show, every 30 or 40 minutes, over the tables while you enjoy your meal. Each time is a new routine, different music and a different costume. We loved it! Holland’s sister was visiting and we were all exuberant about the experience. The food was delicious – we had the seafood stew, crab risotto, and their fish of the day (sturgeon). For dessert we had the chocolate cherry trifle. It was all delicious!! Thanks to friends who recommended going.

the pink door seattle performer

Some like to ride on ferries in WA

Some like to watch aerial performers

Some Like It Shot

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