Seattle Pride Fest 2013 So Hot!

It was a rare Seattle June day, scorching hot and not a cloud in sight! Besides the risk of sun burns on fare WA skin, it couldn’t have been a better day for Pride Parade and Festival at the Seattle Center. Enjoy our video with highlights of our adventure:

Being the 1st year in Seattle where couples can get married at Pride & with the recent rulings of Prop 8 & DOMA providing comfort that it wouldn’t change, we felt that this was the year not to miss! We heard that there was going to be a massive wedding for couples in the afternoon and really felt a desire to support and photograph such a historical event. Plan A was to ride the Light Rail to the Westlake Center, they allow dogs that are carried in a travel bag. However, when we arrived at Seatac to park the Light Rail parking lot was full an overflowing. Apparently everyone else had the same great idea. Blocks away the street parking was full to the rim. So, we drove downtown, found a spot in Capitol Hill and walked down to our first sight of festivities, the parade. Everyone was happy, care free, and genuinely enjoying themselves.

seattle pride use rainbow flag

We decided to bring our Boston Terrier, Rocket. He is our gender fabulous deaf Boston, born with hypospadias (which fyi effects 1 in 125 human boys in the U.S. each year). As a result of the underdevelopment, he had to have his boy parts removed at just a few weeks old. So, our gender fabulous, no boy parts, no girl parts, canine love bug accompanied us to Pride as he usually does, dressed in bright rainbow colors. He was carried often due to the heat and constantly given water by ourselves and others it was such a hot day! Several people stopped us to give/get love to/from Rocket along the way.

Seattle Pride 2013

When we arrived at the Seattle Center it was packed, we wandered around looking for the area the wedding might take place. After asking several booths, 3 couples in wedding outfits who were also lost and several people in swimsuits or less…we came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t find the area in time and it would be better just to enjoy the music, booths and a couple friends we met with while we were there (friends are always the best part of any event). The Space Needle proudly displayed the marriage equality flag for all to see at this year’s Pride.

pride space needle marriage equality

Seattle Pride is actually one the of largest free festivals in the country. It was a nice surprise to see someone like Mary Lambert singing her part from her & Macklemore’s song “Same Love” for all of us.

same love mary lambert seattle pride

Thousands were cooling down in the International Fountain, clothing optional for some, while a queen sang “Sexy & Classy” … I do believe those were the only 2 lyrics of the entire song.

pride seattle center fountain

We enjoyed ourselves, never found the weddings happening but we hope that the couples that were also lost all found where they were supposed to be. A huge congrats to everyone married at Seattle’s Pride 2013!! Be You Be Happy!

Some like to support their LGBTQ friends

Some like being proud of who they are

Some Like It Shot

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