Sugi’s 1st Birthday Party

Bubbles, Princess facepaints, balloon animals, piñata with candy, delicious food and great friends…I don’t think a 1 year old birthday party gets much better.



What is really amazing to us was how extremely well behaved all of the kids were, playing outside and inside for 3 hours. Considering all were under the age of about 11 there was fun tag, duck duck goose and bubble popping with nothing but joy.13Sugi002_WEB13Sugi021_WEB 13Sugi102_WEB13Sugi179_WEB13Sugi228_WEB13Sugi447 2B_WEB13Sugi240_WEB

Birthday Girl, Sugi, was fascinated with bubbles as friends blew and made bubbles of all shapes and sizes.


The best surprise was Princess Snow White who was a talented face painting artists who even included fairy dust

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The piñata was a new concept for everyone, instead of swinging a bat dangerously around this one had little strings to pull on the bottom and once each child had a chance to pull a string the very last one let the candy loose.13Sugi323 2_WEB13Sugi301 2_WEB

All that was left was singing to the birthday girl, devouring the goodies in the kitchen and enjoying the company of friends and family.

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13Sugi481 2B_WEB

Happy Birthday Sugi!!

13Sugi375 2B_WEBcake2WEB13Sugi366 2_WEB

Some like birthday bubbles

Some like birthday balloons

Some Like It Shot

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