The Seattle Great Wheel & Pike Place Gum Wall

We’ve had some wonderful adventures in Seattle the past 3 months and we hope that this fun continues for many more years ahead. A few weekends ago we spent a day downtown exploring more of this great city and the beautiful visuals it has to offer. When you stand at just the right spot sometimes you can see so many things it is too much to fully take in. Mt. Rainier can be seen on a sunny day when looking through CenturyLink and Safeco Field.IMG_8912_WEB

We started the day with a ride on the Seattle Monorail from Westlake Center to the Seattle Center and back. It is quite a sight riding into the curves of the Experience Music Project.


The vibrant pink was a gorgeous contrast to the baby blue and blue skies as we waited for our monorail ride back. It was Holland and Nick, our cousin’s, first time on the monorail – they enjoyed the short ride. So now that can be checked off our WA Bucket List.


After some discussion about what to do next we all realized none of us had been on the new ferris wheel that was established on the waterfront last summer, so we decided to check another item off the bucket list while we were playing downtown. The Great Wheel!


The Great Wheel viewed from the Pike Place Market looks large but when you get up close it is enormous!


I’m posting this photo for a random stranger :) our cameras can sometimes catch the attention of people passing by. I don’t typically do this, but she was so happy to be in that moment I wanted to give her this keepsake.


At this point in the day the sun was starting to set and the winds came out in full force. It was immediately winter again as soon as the wind started. We could see clouds of rain being dumped in the Puget Sound and were hoping it wouldn’t come our way. We headed to Minor’s Landing at Pier 57 and got ready for the ride.


We weren’t sure if paying $13 a person to go around was going to be worth it, and let me tell you … it definitely was!! You make 4 trips around at a reasonable pace, great for photo taking and there are some fabulous views that change with each rotation as different ferries and boats pass by or clouds move exposing and covering the sun! It is heated and fully enclosed so we enjoyed a little escape from the weather as well.


The Great Wheel offers an up close and personal view of the Seattle Space Needle once you reach the peak of the rotation. If you aren’t friendly with heights…don’t look down!


We had to imaging the Olympic Mountain Range as we looked West into the layers of clouds. Even without seeing the mountains the view of the Sound and Elliot Bay was serene and beautiful. We were all sad when the ride ended, and were hoping they’d accidentally forget to make us get out so we could enjoy another few rotations.


After the ride we decided to check out the arcade at the Historic Minor’s Landing. Typically this place is for little kids, but there seemed to be more “big kids” there playing than young ones! Holland had a good run on the Galactica for a few minutes.


We were on our way back to the lightrail when I asked if they had ever been to the Gum Wall. They had, hundreds of times since both cousins worked at a restaurant downtown before so we decided to take a backroad and see the Gum Wall.


Good times and great memories Melissa and Nick. The last time both Holland and I saw them was when we flew up and photographed their beautiful Olympic Rainforest wedding a few years ago. We’re so happy to be back and able to spend time with our family again.


I can now check off the Pike Place Gum Wall √ from our WA Bucket List! From what they said it has tripled in size over the past year. There were a lot of creative concepts infused in the gum…some with sculpting and others with humor.


We loved the bright colors, and gum-cicles hanging from the window. None of us would touch the gum…can’t even imagine the germs hanging around (literally) but it was a fun place to visit. Not as romantic as Paris’ locks of love but definitely something unique and personalized from visitors.


Some like the monorail rides

Some like ferris wheel rides

Some Like It Shot

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