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IMG_1638About a year ago I was walking the Kobey’s Swap Meet looking for different photo props when I stumbled across an old flannel.  The flannel was clean with a checkered orange and black pattern.  Based on the cut and fabric of the shirt, I believe it was made sometime between the 40’s and 60’s.   The Rack it was hanging on read, “One Dollar.”
I put the flannel on and was drowning in it, it was about two sizes big, but for a buck, I’d get it. 

Fast-forward about five months from the time I bought the flannel and a lot had changed.  Alisha and I had since decided we were going to move to Washington State, just south of Seattle.  Well, I was looking through my closet packing things up and I came across the flannel I bought at the Kobey’s Swap Meet.  To make the best of my buck, I took the flannel around the corner to the Crow Thief, in South Park, San Diego, to see if they could revive my vintage threads.  Melissa, owner of the Crow Thief sized me up and we discussed some of my options.  We decided to stick with the original design of the flannel, but add a twist.

Melissa took the chest pockets off and relocated them towards the bottom of the flannel, canting the pockets to make it more versatile.   After our discussion I left my flannel at the Crow Thief and picked it up the day before Alisha and I left for our road trip up the coast.

We drove from California to Washington making occasional stops along the way.  Our first stop was in Salinas, where we visited the Steinbeck museum and House.IMG_1614 IMG_8261

From Salinas we headed up to Fort Bragg where I howled at a private barking signIMG_1640 IMG_1662and stopped in for a drink at the North Coast Brewery for a glass of Old Stock Ale.IMG_9759

In Oregon, Alisha caught my reflection in a puddleIMG_1642

as we made our way up to Washington just in time to get photos of Mount Rainier.IMG_8805 IMG_8822IMG_8843

As you can tell in my pictures, my new Vintage Revival Flannel is the staple within my wardrobe.  A flannel that once used to swallow me up and hang all alone in the closet is now tailored, personalized and well used.

One thing I forgot to mention is that my flannel harnesses magical powers so I can do stuff like THIS!!!!!!IMG_8823

If you live in the San Diego area and have vintage clothes that need some tender loving care, take it down to the Crow Thief and see if your clothes are fit for a Vintage Revival.

Some Like to take road trips.

Some Like Vintage Revival.

Some Like Crow Thief.

Some Like it Shot.

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