Furry Valentines At Tiki Tails Grooming Salon

Furry Valentines from around the Seattle-Tacoma area got pampered this Valentines Day at our first pet photo day in WA State. $240 from the event was donated to the new Auburn Valley Humane Society and we want to extend their thanks to all who participated. Tiki Tails Grooming Salon in Auburn graciously hosted our photo day, a Sold Out event, which was the happiest way we could start out our new year.


showing my lucky ring as I organized prop/wardrobe options for the furry friends

Up bright and early, ready for a furry filled day, I put on my lucky camera ring and gathered all of the bins filled with props, contracts, lighting, backdrop, cleaning products and our camera equipment. A pound of freshly cooked bacon (thanks Dad for cooking for us pescetarians) left an aroma in the kitchen so potent that even our dogs wished they were going to our photo day. We grabbed our drinks at Big Foot Coffee and headed to Tiki Tails. The backdrop was set up in their waiting area, and Holland – our lighting expert – set up and tested out the lights. For the comfort of any shy pets attending we use continuous lighting instead of flash.


While we took photos, Tiki Tails groomers made magic happen for several of their guests. This pink & purple ombre doggy was our favorite guest to watch transform.


The photo day began with a surprise, our 14 year old client Lucy just got a little fur-brother added to her family the night before. His name is Trigger, a Shepherd Mix rescued from the Auburn Valley Humane Society, and just a few weeks old. He was full of energy and especially attentive to the delicious bacon breakfast we had waiting for him.



Chihuahuas Carhart and Buster were ready for some photo fun. Earlier in January we had a booth at the Opening House for AVHS and offered a free mini session raffle to one lucky winner and  C & B were the chosen ones!


Sophie the Schnoodle looked dazzling in our rhinestone collar necklace. You could tell from the smile on her face that she loved being in the spot light.


Bailey, a Shihtzu, was happy to pose for our cameras. The head tilt is definitely one of the better poses a dog can do and she knew exactly how to wow the camera.


The greyhound parade arrived with Oliver (top left) Abby (top right) Iggy (bottom left) and Ruby (bottom right). :) The four fur family siblings were too fabulous for words. Each of them donning their finest accessories as they posed for the camera. The Greyhounds are rescues from San Diego and did such a fabulous job despite their anxiety with strangers. We weren’t able to get any ears up for a photo but we tried our hardest and are sure that they liked the treats. Iggy surprised us all, for a shy little guy he wanted to be in all the photos …even when it wasn’t his turn. What a great looking bunch.

MPVAbby007_WEB MPVRubIgg016_WEB

We weren’t done with Italian Greyhounds as our next pair arrived, Murphy the Frenchie and Dasher the Italian Greyhound. I just loved the ties their mom brought, Dasher’s tie was handmade by his mom and I am pretty sure that I might have to see about getting some made for our clients in the future. Murphy was hands down the best head tilter of the day, I’m blaming the bacon!


Sir Duke was next and Duke was the winner of our Facebook ‘my pet valentine’ contest held the week before Valentine’s Day. This is one of the only images we were able to get with  his ears up and his mom said the second they left his ears were at attention the rest of the car ride home, go figure. The big photo days with a lot of noises and distractions aren’t always the best for every dog. We’re especially happy that Duke won a free provate session at his home because we’re sure he’ll be all ears and smiles in his comfort zone.


Mopar was a real love bug, ready to pose with any props we put on the chair. All smiles all ears the entire time. When a doggy is that easy to work with we get to play with a bunch of outfits, props and poses. A smorgasbord of options in such a short time.


Pez & Kujo, the biker dogs, arrived in style. They had wardrobe changes and props galore  as they posed with our big chair and small chair. In this photo they wanted to send big kisses to everyone for Valentine’s Day. They won runner up in the My Pet Valentine competition on Facebook.


Yukon, a 10 week old Malamute/Shepherd mix was just visiting the store and got the very last spot available for our photo day, making it a completely sold out event. For such a young pup he was incredibly well behaved. Already understanding sit, stay, and laydown or pretending that he did, made it seem as though he might be born to be a model. We even got puppy breath kisses at the end – he certainly stole our hearts.


Shadow the Schipperke was ready to show off his smile for our cameras. Wide eyed and ready for bacon he posed sitting, laying and standing without hesitation. He was 2nd runner up in our Facebook contest.


Throughout the day we got to watch many pets get pampered by Tiki Tails groomers and one in particular caught our eye. Sammy, a Shih-Yorkie, was getting all styled and what we didn’t know was that it was for a photo session!


He sure did cheese it up for our camera and just like his pillow said he was “Cute Stuff”.


We ended the day with Largo, Luah & Ryder, Tiki Tails‘ very own mascot dogs. Tiki Tails owner, Michele, wasn’t sure how they would do but it was clear from the start they would be easy. With just a few snaps they each had a great photo, stress free and happy to pose. Thank you again Michele for hosting our photo day, we look forward to more holiday fun for furry friends!!


Some like Valentine’s Day cards

Some like Valentine’s day kisses

Some Like It Shot

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