Spring Pet Minis & Auburn’s Pet Palooza

We’re crazy dog people, it’s true and you know what, we’re not ashamed of it. When we adopted our 4th dog (who was supposed to be a foster) at first we thought about how crazy we were going to look to others, but after going to Auburn’s Pet Palooza and we realize up here in WA, four pets isn’t even that many!!

Thank for this photo Ken Poore!

Thank for this photo Ken Poore! & Thanks to Boomer for posing with us

This year’s spring pet mini charity theme at Tiki Tails Grooming Salon was Flowers & Fur! After a bit of brainstorming and wishing I could be outside in a real flower field (but concluding that the weather is just not consistent enough to do that here) I decided to make my own flowery backdrop. It took a lot longer than I expected to create considering it was just fake flowers hot glued onto a card board background. I selected flower colors that seemed bright and sunny all in warmer tones, and I felt that even the boys looked great with it.

hot glue flowers photo backdrop

how it all started

We photographed 12 mini photo session just 15 minutes each pet, 22 pets total and donated $120 the Auburn Valley Humane Society. Not only were there doggy friends photographed this time but also a couple kitties came to play!

A couple weeks later we had a booth at the popular Auburn’s Pet Palooza. We did the sunny day dance for about a week but it didn’t really work for us. Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as the weather man predicted, we got our tent and table up with time to spare before the 30 minute downpour which ended and never came back.  It was so impressive the number of people who came with their pets and said hello. I even got to meet some online fans who we have virtually known for almost 7 years, finally meeting in person.

boston terrier pet palooza

Thanks Ken Poore & Carol Bond for the photos with your Boston babies!

At Pet Palooza we had two fun interactive activities happening and from 9am – 5pm it was a constant flow of great conversation, adorable puppies, happy dogs and genuine dog crazy people like ourselves. As they visited guests used a raffle ticket to vote for their favorite Flower & Fur Doggy Model. Congrats to Tannion the Husky for being selected top Doggy Model, winning a free 16×20″ metallic print and Tinkerbell the Pomeranian for coming in 2nd winning a free 8×10″ metallic print.

tally raffle

After we got home and tallied the votes we drew the name of the lucky winner of a free pet photo session…and Courtney S. was our lucky winner. We met with Courtney for their consultation 2 days later and soon will be photographing their dog Ty and rabbit Bunny with the beautiful spring flowers…real flowers are the best! Huge thank you to everyone who came to our photoshoot and who visited us at Pet Palooza!! So nice to meet you all and hear stories about your pets – it made us giggle when people asked if we could photograph their 6 dogs, 2 goats or those who thought a cat would be impossible only to see the 70 some cats we photographed for the humane society. We find a way to make it happen. Sometimes it takes a little longer, and definitely not all pets are perfect candidates for 15 min minis at a doggy salon but with private pet photo sessions we do find a way.

Some Like Dogs

Some Like Cats

Some Like It Shot

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