Ravishing Rose Channels Marilyn Monroe

Ravishing Rose, a pin up from the Bremerton area, drove our way for an Old Hollywood style pin up photoshoot that she won in a Facebook contest. It may have been windy & stormy outside that day but it was all diamonds and smiles inside while taking photos. …Except for the fake Marilyn style wind.


We started out the evening with a little pampering & a make-over by our stylist, Lacey, from Blushing Babes. Giggling happens when you least expect it…and often during the important lip lining. I try to leave the room during lips, so I don’t cause chaos and ‘The Joker’ looking lipstick application due to laughing or talking.


For a more sentimental prop, Ravishing Rose brought a hand made mirror that she herself prepared for the photoshoot..multitalented lovely lady indeed!! She looked in the mirror to see Lacey’s magic and we were all in smiles at the stunning Hollywood starlet she became with finger-waves and pin up perfect make-up.


Again we decided to add a little bit of sentiment to the session, she brought her bridal shower dress as one of her outfit options.


The dress with its rhinestones matched perfect with our creamy couch.


We decided to do a little Old Hollywood/Boudoir combo with a Chiffon Robe and lace gown.


Originally we were going to stick with all black and white photos but the colors were so impressive with her hair and skin tone that we decided to keep some color.


The last outfit she chose from our wardrobe was a Marilyn style halter. Although, not as Old Hollywood Glam as most 40’s/50’s shots, we decided veer a little toward a Marilyn look. We’re sure you recognized the wind blown Marilyn look in the beginning, but incase you’re not as familiar Marilyn did a series with a rug once too. So, Ravishing Rose channeled Marilyn for us.


The last outfit was a complete surprise, typically we don’t photograph so many outfits but we were in need of someone to photograph in front of our new flower background and we had this gorgeous mermaid style dress with gems just waiting for someone to wear it for photos. It didn’t take long for her to answer that she would model for us for a fun one that was a lot less Old Hollywood and a lot more Cheesecake style.


…and here is her bonus video to “Love Of My Life’

Some like to get make-overs

Some like to channel Marilyn

Some Like It Shot

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