Vintage Pin Up Valentine in Washington State

Our first vintage pin up day in Washington State was a success! After the new year, we began scouting out locations for a Vintage Valentine’s Day photoshoot. We came across the website for a cute Victorian bed n breakfast cottage called Tayberry Cottage. After meeting with the family that owns it, we decided it was a perfect first photo day location!


This was the 1st shoot we’ve ever planned in a victorian home, usually we are in studio, so it was a bit of a treat. If you like the look of the cottage and need somewhere to stay near Puyallup, WA we’d recommend it! My personal favorite was their high back pink chair, it doesn’t get more Valentine’s Day than pink!

hollywood glam pin up photography seattle tacoma puyallup

Last year, in San Diego, it was a sold out event but I couldn’t really expect that in a new location. It took us a couple weeks to get set up in WA with business licenses, insurance requirements, and finally booking the cottage with enough time to edit orders and have them to clients before Valentine’s Day. After all of that planning, we were only left with 1 week to advertise our event and find a fabulous stylist. We were fortunate to have 2 lovely ladies interested and we booked our new pin up stylist, Lacey of Blushing Babes MakeUp Design! She did such a fantastic job with their hair & make-up, you have no idea how hard it can be to find the right stylist!!


Queen Bambi Lemure was our first Valentine. She said she was nervous, this would be her first photo shoot in over a decade. We were excited to get her infront of our camera and show her what a gorgeous gal she is. During her consultation we discussed the goal of her photo shoot and discovered that she was hoping for something a little more hollywood glam and a little less cheesecake. So That is exactly what we did.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 6.10.54 PM

We posted an image of her on our Facebook Fanpage, and a real MGM entertainer, Miss Monica Lewis, left the sweetest comment!! She sent us a nice message too to let us know how much she enjoys our photography and thanked us for ‘preserving this traditional form of photography as a wonderful homage to our culture’. You may not understand my level of enthusiasm to have received any bit of recognition for someone as amazing as Monica Lewis!! I felt like I was floating on air all day!! Still am. Monica is one of the few golden era pin up model/actress/singer gems that are alive, well and able to navigate the internet!! I printed out her comments and am keeping them forever! P.S. Monica has a  Facebook Fanpage to follow! If you like the era I highly recommend following her posts!


Queen Bambi Lemure even brought her mother’s wedding day dress for a more sentimental photo opportunity! I must say we absolutely loved it! We even had the perfect pair of earrings for her to wear as she stood by the cute stained glass window.


Our 2nd Valentine was none other than Miss Sweet Surrender who is in the silhouette above as well as her mirror of mystery image at the beginning of the blog. We were excited because both ladies wanted photos that had a different twist. With Miss Sweet Surrender we were going with a more boudoir approach with a hint of cheesecake in a few.


We even got to photograph her in the Victorian claw footed bathtub at Tayberry Cottage!


At the end of her shoot we photographed a quick photo for her friends over at Bees Knees Pomade in Portland Oregon, for their fan photo wall. They are new small business that has created a pomade containing all natural oils and waxes. I purchased some for Holland as part of his Valentine’s Day gift, Love the stuff :)


In time we’ll know more but we think a few of Miss Sweet Surrenders images will be published in a pin up magazine. Wouldn’t that be a great Valentine’s day gift for a pin up girl?! We thoroughly enjoyed our first WA pin up day thanks to these gorgeous gals! We are planning a late spring military pin up photo day for either May or June – so if you’re interested in military pin up photos and don’t want a private session then start saving up for some patriotic pin up fun!

Some like old hollywood pin ups

Some like boudoir pin ups

Some Like It Shot

4 thoughts on “Vintage Pin Up Valentine in Washington State

  1. I personally want thank you for giving me this wonderful experiance.
    I loved you two so much. And thanks so much for posting my pictures.
    It means the world to my and especially my mom and dad sense I am their baby girl that works a very physical job then Xu do Pinup on my time off.
    So for that, I want to thank you for boosting my self esteem even more.
    Thanks, Miss Sweet Surrender

  2. This was exactly what we talked about and just what I was looking for! I couldn’t be happier with the photos, thank you so much for your talent and vision! A friend said it best when she said these were so tastefully done. :) From moms wedding dress, Monica’s comments, and your photography, it all helped make this an excellent experience from start to finish!

    • Thank you Pam :) It is always the most awkward the first session to make sure we are on the same page regarding what you’re hoping for. So glad we hit the mark!

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