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Congrats to Erin, a Class of 2013 Senior from Auburn Mountainview High School!!!! Yesterday she moved her tassel, threw her cap and celebrated in the last official high school event of her life – Graduation Ceremony!! Such a fun and important milestone in a person’s life, we’re proud to have been your senior photographers Erin!! :)

senior photos erin seattle

Erin called us about senior portraits just a couple weeks ago, hoping it wasn’t too late, wanting photos that had Seattle in them. We met her and discussed the things she loves; she’s a Seattle coffee connoisseur and overall she just enjoys hanging out enjoying life. Well, for Seattle photos and a cute cafe we figured we would head to West Seattle first.

senior photos erin seattle music

We’re not really the type who like to show up at a cafe unannounced – that can turned out to be a disaster and well it’s rude to do that, so we before the shoot stopped by a Cafe/Record Store called Easy Street Records to ask for permission. They were super cool about us taking Erin’s photos there with some coffee and all the great band posters/artwork around. HUGE thank you to the barist-o for being so welcoming!!

Erin Senior Photos cafe seattle

When Erin & her dad arrived I’m pretty sure the location was love at first sight. She kind of forgot to mention that she is a music fanatic with records all around her room!! :) I suppose it was meant to be!! We took photos with the delicious mocha, special made with a fancy design for her, and we even went upstairs to take photos with some vinyl afterward. Not going to lie, she really shocked us with her music selection & earned a few bonus points for being extra cool as she picked out a few favorites like Pat Benatar, local legend Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, The Beatles and a few more. Downstairs she loved the bands whose posters were plastered all over the walls.

erin senior photos record store

It was hard to leave the record shop, it turned out to be so perfect! We headed to Alki Beach afterward for the sunset photos Erin was hoping for. Along the way we stopped briefly at a park for some photos with flowers and trees, and found this nature-made fort at the bottom of a group of trees.

senior photos trees seattle

We went to Alki just a couple blocks away – it was packed with people since it was such a nice day! The first weekends of really warm sun lured everyone out of the house too but we eventually found a parking space and went to the beach to get sunset & Seattle photos. We lucked out with a blue & orange sunset… Auburn Mountainview H.S. Colors!

senior photos erin seattle

We took quite a few photos at Alki overlooking the cityscape of Seattle! The weather was perfect, the locations were better than we even imagined and of course Erin is Awesome! We ended the evening in downtown for a little bonus …as you can see from the very first photo it was worth the drive! Congrats again Erin!!!

senior photos erin seattle


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