We Love Photo Prizes!! Thanks Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler photography contest prize www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com wins


Last month with the help of friends/colleagues we won a lighting competition hosted by NYC Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography and we LOvE our prizes!!

Thanks to everyone who voted for our lovely image of Annette and to Creative Live for letting us know about this contest!! To explain the winning photo we arrived at Balboa Park after Annette was styled by the amazing hair & make-up stylist Tisha Arterberry and the fountain that is normally lit was pitch black so we had to create our own lighting. This was taken with 2 flashes, 1 infront of Annette and 1 behind the water backlighting Annette. Thank you Annette & Tisha!!!

contest photo www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

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