Annette’s Comp Card Photo Shoot

Annette Comp Card photography

In November, Some Like It Shot, had the pleasure of photographing Annette’s Comp Card for catalog modeling at one of our favorite San Diego’s locations, Balboa Park.  The park is rich in history and connected to events that have made us great as a country.

Balboa Park was built in the late 19th century and hosted the Panama-California Exposition, an event celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal.   The parks Spanish style architecture with its repetitious arches and grand, oversized doors, line the hallways to the museums. On occasion a park friend may slide down from the arches to say HELLO!


Comp Card San Diego Balboa ParkComp Card san diego Balboa Parkcomp card san diego balboa park

Surrounding the structures are lush gardens, walkways and trees planted by Kate Sessions in 1892.  She planted 100 trees a year in trade for the privilege of having a commercial nursery inside the boundaries of the park.  Sessions botanic influence earned her the title, “The Mother of Balboa Park.”Comp Card san diego balboa park photographyComp Card Photography San Diego Balboa Park

We ended the photo session photographing Annette in front of Balboa’s Parks largest fountain.

Comp Card photography

Some Like to model.

Some Like to say Hello.

Some Like Balboa Park.

Some Like It Shot.

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